Client Spotlight: Feel22

Client Spotlight: Feel22

Lebanon's leading Makeup & Beauty E-Commerce brand successfully entered Iraq with the support of Sandoog, to deliver their products to customers nationwide.

After serving over 100,000 satisfied customers in Lebanon, Feel22 has embarked on a new adventure to bring the beauty experience to a global audience. This journey began with the launch of Feel22 Iraq in 2019, Feel22 International in 2020 and Feel22 Egypt in 2021 .

There are many unique challenges in Iraq for e-commerce businesses one of which is dealing with the exceptionally high amount of resellers who compete for the same customer base - An issue that Feel22 has managed to tackle through their ability to source the finest and most reputable, genuine products in the market, and by providing a personalised customer experience tailored to their customer's needs.

The ability to organically build a community of loyal customers who value the brand and its offerings is highly understated and one of the most crucial processes in creating long-lasting brand loyalty. In a sector dominated by small, social media based stores, creating engaging and informative content that enables customers to make informed decisions has been vital for Feel22 in distinguishing its brand in the Beauty and Makeup market in Iraq.

Another key distinguishing factor to Feel22's brand success has been its ability to evoke the senses with its unique and eye catching packaging - highlighting the value of the relationship between brand/customer. Through Sandoog's network of suppliers, Feel22 were able to meet the packaging quality the brand aims to maintain within all the markets they operate in.

Sandoog is proud to support such innovative and thought-leading brand that continues to push boundaries and grow in a tough market such as Iraq - If you have an eCommerce brand and would like to find out how Sandoog can support you in entering and scaling your business in the Iraq market, please contact and our team will be happy to help!

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